Bed Bug Exterminator Selection Tips

Bed Bugs Exterminator is the number one company providing residential and commercial bed bug eradication services in New York. We have consistently maintained our reputation by focusing on customer satisfaction and strictly maintaining highest degree of professionalism. We combine extensive on the job training with the latest technologies while remaining sensitive to environmental concerns when implementing pest treatments. Since our inception, we have been specializing in eliminating Bed Bugs infestations using state of the art methods. Bed bugs treatment methods have changed over time and our commitment to the customers remains the same. Environmental changes trigger an influx of many types of pests into the house to find a suitable harborage area they are attracted to the warmth of the home. Rising temperatures and moist conditions also leads to an emergence of a wide variety of crawling and winged insects and bed bugs is one of them.

Bed Bugs Exterminator is the only company of its kind which strictly follows the integrated pest management method to eliminate pest infestations. Our site inspection team visits the infestation area and prepares a proper treatment method to eliminate bed bugs. Bed bugs enter your house in different ways and can multiply into thousands in a short time. Integrated Pest Management system is the most effective and environment friendly pest control system that relies on non chemical procedures to provide a pest free environment. We use eco friendly baiting treatment methods for bed bugs so that children and pets are not affected during the treatment process. Integrated pest management is a systematic approach method which relies upon exclusion techniques, sanitation, inspection and trapping. This type of service is typically used where infestation is high and requires strong treatments methods.

Bed Bugs Exterminator provides quick and targeted response to your requests. Dedication, consistency and precision to the assigned job have helped to improve the customer satisfaction and helped our company to grow considerably. Our treatment procedures are clean and target oriented and we make sure that the entire infestation is wiped out without a trace. Customer satisfaction is something which is very difficult to achieve in the pest eradication industry and we are happy that we have achieved that level and can proudly say that no one would ever leave our doorsteps dissatisfied or discontent with our service. We have round the clock customer support division to take care of your requests and we believe that nobody can do better than us when it comes to bed bugs eradication.