About Modern Rugs

If you ever thought that the only interior decors  are wall hangings, artifacts and flowers, you are mistaken. Rugs have been in existence since time in memorial as decoration and for different other functions and are now trending in the market. We have evolved from the olden days when people knitted rugs for the fun of it and used them in their homes for rather ordinary functions. Modern rugs today make large and well known design companies as they now emerge as the in thing in the world of interior décor. They do not only add a touch of class to homes but also bring warmth especially during the cold season.

These rugs blend with just about any décor in the house and can create any desired style and atmosphere. This will majorly depend on the color, texture, material and design of the rug selected. Two aspects stand out in the choice of rugs. High quality, durable rugs that only need proper maintenance to last and inexpensive rugs that will need constant replacing to keep up with trend. Whatever reason there is for purchasing rugs, there will always be a rug good for every home.

Apart from decorating the house, rugs play several other functions which make them most preferred in the market. As mentioned earlier, they are a source of warmth especially to the feet during winter. This soft material gives the feet a comfortable smooth feel as compared to cold hard floors. Using a plain, single color rug gives a room some sense of space while a mix of two rugs of different colors or a patterned rug with a mix of colors makes a room look smaller and fuller. Rugs are known to reduce levels of noise in the house because they absorb the noise. Imagine an object dropping on wooden or tiled floor and the same object dropping on a rug covered floor. It will produce much less noise on the latter surface than on the others.

Rugs are to a great extent used for protection purposes. Isles of high traffic like corridors and some parts of rooms that are stepped on more often than the others, wear out with time and lose their new or polished look. In such situations, rugs come in handy as they protect the surfaces but they usually need to be layered on the bottom side. Take care to select a rug that will protect rather than discolor your precious floor.

Slippery floors can also be covered with rugs for safety purposes. Consider using them in the children’s room as this doubles up as their play room and hard, bare floors can result in serious injuries.

Modern rugs come in different shapes, sizes, designs, materials as well as colors but overall, they play very important roles in homes today. Comfort and appearance are part of life these days and these rugs enhance these aspects a great deal. Apart from beauty, feelings of warmth and safety are the keys for everyone in the home as here is where the better part of life is not only lived but enjoyed.