CCTV – A Gadget Of New Age

Closed circuit television or CCTV is an integral part of any surveillance system. The application of CCTV is immense and is normally used for monitoring people and materials in banks, airports, buildings casinos and super markets. After September 11, most of the public spaces across the world has been turned into fortress and surveillance cameras has become an essential part of any security which is effective, less intrusive and less psychologically draining. Closed circuit camera was invented by Walter Bruch and installed in Germany in 1942 to study the launch of rockets. Digital networking cameras came into existence during the nineties which had recording facility. CCTV is widely used as an important tool in crime prevention and major cities across the world use these cameras to monitor the streets due to which the crime rates have come down considerably. Many crimes have been solved and offenders punished with the aid of these cameras. CCTV has plays a major role in tracing the movements of suspects and is widely used by antiterrorist squads across the world as a fundamental tool in tracking terror suspects. These cameras are playing an important role in the fight against terrorism and are being used by all the law enforcements agencies across the world.

Special CCTV cameras like line scan and thermo graphic is also used by chemical industries and nuclear facilities to monitor area and temperature which are considered dangerous to humans. Many cities across the world use a wide network of cameras for traffic monitoring. Law enforcement agencies use this to detect congestion, accidents and to trace stolen cars. CCTV is also widely used in transport system like subway trains and buses so that the drivers or operators can confirm that people are clear from the doors before closing them and start the train. Big and small Super markets use CCTV to monitor the actions of their workers and customers. They integrate software with these cameras which helps to track the actions of workers during critical financial transactions, correcting or cancelling of a sale and withdrawing money or altering personal information.

Today's high definition CCTV comes with many computer controlled technologies through which they can track, identify and categorize an object in their field of view. Video content analysis in the new technology CCTV has the ability to track people by identifying their position from the images and that person can be followed by establishing a mark over their heads on the video. Another new CCTV is the facial recognition system which will automatically identify person from the digital image and this technology is used for mass surveillance in airports and sea ports to track wanted people. Some of the cameras have an integrated system unit which allows the users to connect remotely from an internet or an iPhone and they can see what their camera is viewing. Residential complexes are opting for digital wireless CCTV for their home surveillance which can be accessed remotely on their computer or phones and it give sharp video, clear audio and interference free signals.