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  • 5 Top SEO Mistakes

    SEO is the technique by which a website is optimized so that there is an improvement in the search rankings for the website leading to increased traffic. SEO is of several types and it is important that the guidelines of the search engines are followed correctly to ensure good rankings and also ensure that your site is not blacklisted.

    Below are given some of the common mistakes made while doing SEO:

    Optimizing Content is not the end – By its definition, many people assume that it is enough if the content of the website is altered to ensure higher rankings. But this is quite wrong. Changing and optimizing the content is only the beginning of the SEO process. Then, the site needs to be linked to similar sites, added to directories, back linking should happen and the higher ranking of the website is due to the totality of this entire process than just content alteration.

    Using bad CMS – using a content management system that is not optimized for search engine spiders is also another mistake that leads to a downfall in the rankings. Some CMS do not allow easy access to change the TITLE and META tags and these affect the rankings a great deal.

    Quality of Traffic – An important factor for a successful online business is the quality of traffic coming in. There is no use in having a lot of viewers who leave after seeing the first page. There are several analytical software that will tell you where your visitors drop off and how much time they spend at your website. If visitors drop off after the home page and spend very little time at your website, it means that the SEO has done a poor job and most probably optimized your site for the wrong keywords as visitors leave after the home page realizing that this is not what they came looking for.

    Internal pages are important too – Many business owners and SEO guys assume that it’s enough to optimize the home page of the website alone. But this is a mistake. The internal pages are also equally important and they can bring in a lot of traffic as well. So, do not ignore any of the pages at your website. Each and every page is equally important.

    Build a very flashy website – A website with lot of images and flash content will be loved by the visitors. It adds to the color and the appeal of the website. But these are hated by search engines. They prefer to have plain HTML text. Search engine algorithms are improving with respect to proper interpretation of flash and images but still it is much easier for them to read and index content that is in text form. So, either you switch your website to full text and images or ensure a healthy mix of text, images and flash.

    Above are some of the common mistakes made while optimizing a website for improved traffic. Following good practices of SEO and avoiding mistakes will help to build health and high quality traffic.

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