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  • Importance of Directory Submission

    In today’s era of information technology, most businesses in the world are trying to expand their business through the internet. But it’s not enough to just create a website and leave it at that. Receiving website traffic is also very important. In order to achieve a higher ranking in the search engines, website traffic is a must. The ranking of your site in a search engine is directly proportional to the number of back links your site has.

    So, how to direct traffic to your website? Links could help you here. You can submit your link to online directories. The purpose of an online directory is to list the links of various websites categorized according to relevant topics. Website owners often make the mistake of ignoring to submit their links to the directories, thus missing out on a very effective way of getting exposure for their website.

    Earlier, directory links were the main source for users to find relevant websites. Now, search engines have taken over but still directories are not completely useless. The directory submission helps you secure a better search engine ranking, gets your website indexed and helps get click through traffic.

    The major plus point as well as problem in directory submission is the presence of a human editor. Your submitted links will be checked by an expert editor and if deemed relevant by him, then your link will be included in that particular directory. Due to this process of human selection, the search engines trusts top directories which in turn makes your websites trustworthy.

    Search spiders often visit your website but if your website contains more images, videos etc than content then this search spiders might not be able to categorize your website, but by listing your website under a specific category with a reputed directory, you get the search engine spiders to categorize you properly. There are two kinds of directories available online, general and specific directories, in general directories; you can list all type of websites while in specific directories websites relating to a specific field only can be listed. There are also local directories where you can list your website, if your business is localized.

    There are certain precautions that you have to take while listing your websites in a directory. Every directory has some rules regarding submission, you have to abide by these rules or your submission might be rejected. It is better to use an e-mail address that matches well with your website domain name. During listing, you should give the bare essentials about your website and business. Use of self praising language might lead to rejection. There are certain directories where you can list your website for free while other directories charge a nominal fee.

    There are even online directory submission services, which offer to submit your registration in exchange for a certain price. If you choose to use such services, then make sure they are genuine before employing them.

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    Laser Hair NYC 4
    Caucasian Rugs 4
    Manhattan SEO 2
    Locksmith NY 2
    Antique Rugs 9
    Movers Queens 8
    Antique Rugs NYC 7
    NY Limos 8
    Makeup NY 7
    Brooklyn Moving 3
    Tapestry Rugs 1
    SEO New York 14
    Manhattan Moving 5
    NY Computer Help 9
    NY SEO 8
    French Rugs 1
    Antique Carpet 7
    Movers Brooklyn 8

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