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  • How To Build Backlinks

    It is a hard cold fact that if you have a web site you must have Backlinks to bring traffic, and therefore revenue, to it. This sounds difficult but in reality it is not, and the time and effort put into it all but guaranties that your traffic will increase. The reason for this is found in the way Search Engines work. They take the keyword(s) and search the web, finding a lot of sites matching the keyword. They have to rank those pages in order of relevance content and a slew of other criteria. For the relevance part one of the objects they look at are Backlinks. It is thought that they rate pages higher in ranking when there are quality Backlinks pointing to your site. The idea being that others found your site relevant.

    Here are a couple ways to show you some of the ways on How To Build Backlinks to your page. The first and one of the easiest is to submit articles to ezine sites and article directories. These sites will post your article and you get quality backlinks in return. Often you can place your website as a reference for the article and anther Backlink is done.

    Another method is to place your web site in a directory. If you do this method, and this method is a good one, make sure that the site is human edited. There are “link farms” out there that will give you a lot of links for free but these can be a lot of spam which will likely cost you in ranking instead of helping you. Quality directories will give you high quality Backlinks and this is one of the criteria the Search Engines are looking for.

    A third method of Building Backlinks, is to do a keyword search through a Search Engine, where the keyword is similar to yours. Contact the site web master or owner and request that you place a link on their page and they can put a link on yours. Another question to ask them is, if they would look at your page and offer suggestions. This will bring another link to your page.

    Another way is to go to a blog, make a relevant post on the site. This gives the blog owner free content on their page and you get a link or two for yours.

    Yet another way is to go to a question and answer page such as Yahoo. Look for questions pertaining to your web page topic and reference your web page in the article. You can also ask a question if there are none pertaining to your page.

    One of the most important aspects of Building Backlinks is to keep it up. Even when you think you have enough backlinks, some of those other sites might be taken down or moved etc. Try and get new Backlinks of a good quality as often possible.

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    Laser Hair NYC 4
    Caucasian Rugs 4
    Manhattan SEO 2
    Locksmith NY 2
    Antique Rugs 9
    Movers Queens 8
    Antique Rugs NYC 7
    NY Limos 8
    Makeup NY 7
    Brooklyn Moving 3
    Tapestry Rugs 1
    SEO New York 14
    Manhattan Moving 5
    NY Computer Help 9
    NY SEO 8
    French Rugs 1
    Antique Carpet 7
    Movers Brooklyn 8

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