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  • What is Google AdSense

    Ever since 1996, when it was started by Sergey and Larry Page as a research project, Google has been the most common search engine of today. As a matter of fact, research shows that over 94% of the world’s population uses Google as their basic online research tool. However, Google has widened its technological ability to a form of advertising. Using its internet search system, Google tends to offer an efficient form of advertising basing the advertisements on the content of the particular website as well as other factors such as the geographical location of the client. Google AdSense mainly presents its adverts in the form of banner adverts. The two main advantages of using Google AdSense to the user is that the adverts only contain information related to the website plus the use of banner advertisements tends to meddle less with the other activities of the website.

    The use of Google AdSense is more popular in the small upcoming website than it is in the large-scale sites. This is simply because the small websites normally do not have enough resources to aid them come up with large scale advertising programs. In addition to this, they also have limited sales personnel. Google AdSense therefore provides them with the perfect avenue to generate income from advertising.

    It is one thing to use Google AdSense, but it is another to use Google AdSense and generate ample income. The key to using Google AdSense effectively is ensuring that the advertisements one tends to post in the website are totally relevant to the content of the website. Only post advertisements that will compliment the contents of the website since this will enhance the amount of traffic attracted by the website hence increasing your chance of getting more users to spot your adverts. At the end of the day, this is what will translate into a large amount of income. Research has even shown that only publishers that have content rich websites have ended up making a killing through the use of Google AdSense.

    There are also various kinds of AdSense versions that one can choose to specialize in. There is an AdSense version that is specifically meant for feeds. This kind of AdSense can only run on feeds that have been subscribed to by at least 100 individuals, that is, Atom and RSS feeds. The second AdSense version is that for mobile content. Here, the publishers only concentrate on mobile websites to generate their income. The problem with this version is the fact that some mobile phones are still using the JavaScript code. However, there are various technologies use in such a case for example the ASP. AdSense for domain is the third version and is used to place advertisements on the names of domains that are not yet complete. There is also the AdSense for search that tends to enhance the publishers website in that he or she will be allowed to install a Google Custom Search box in it. Finally, there is the AdSense for video that basically allows the publisher to advertise using videos from various sites such as YouTube. This is part of the extensive advertising network used by Google.

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    SEO New York 14
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    NY Computer Help 9
    NY SEO 8
    French Rugs 1
    Antique Carpet 7
    Movers Brooklyn 8

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