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  • What is Google Adwords

    Google adwords is an online advertising program that was launched by Google a few years back and has been a tremendous success due to its high demand from its target market, the small business. For long, small businesses could not compete either online or offline with the bug business as far as marketing goes. The big companies had far greater reach and far bigger marketing budgets and small businesses used to suffer as a result of this. For them, the Google adwords came as a boon.

    Using this program, the small business can basically choose how their ads appear, where they appear and how long they appear. They can also fix budgets so that the ads are stopped once the budget gets over. This way the business has total control over how much they spend for marketing.

    One of the major advantages of Google adwords is the fact that the ads would be highly targeted. These ads would be displayed according to the keywords typed in by the user. When you set up an adwords program, you can also specify the keywords pertaining to your business. So, when a user types in the keyword at the Google search engine or its partner sites, your ad will also appear alongside the Google search results. Thus, these ads are extremely targeted unlike other ads on other websites. In those, specific ads are displayed irrespective of what the user is looking for and irrespective of the type of website. So, in most cases, the user is not interested in these ads and so the conversion rates are very low. In Google adwords, the conversion rates are much higher due to the targeted ads. Also, the timing of the ad is also very precise as the ad gets displayed when the user is looking for it and now when he is just browsing through. This increases the conversion rate even further.

    Google adds to the adwords experience and makes it even better for businesses by giving them access to a variety of tools and reports. Using this, the business can analyze exactly how their ads are doing, which keywords are performing better, which country there is more demand etc. so that the ad program can be tuned even further to increase the conversion rates. These reports are on par with some of the best, costly ones out there and this is why small businesses love the Google adwords program as it helps them to reach customers and market themselves at a fraction of the cost that they have to spend when they tie up with marketing companies.

    The adwords program is very easy to setup for anyone and they also have a very big and thorough help section to help any user set it up. The advent of the Google adwords program has really thrown open a gigantic market for the small business and it’s a win-win situation for the users as well as they are exposed to new products at lower prices which gives they a wide array of choices.

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    Makeup NY 7
    Brooklyn Moving 3
    Tapestry Rugs 1
    SEO New York 14
    Manhattan Moving 5
    NY Computer Help 9
    NY SEO 8
    French Rugs 1
    Antique Carpet 7
    Movers Brooklyn 8

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