How Can Filtered Water Help In Improving Health

With different types of water like tap water, bottled water, filtered water etc. out there, a real confusion arises as to which is beneficial for health. Bottled water, of course, is dangerous in a number of ways, and it spares not even the environment. Bottled water is seen to cause big threats to the global green policy.

People hardly take care of their health these days, and one may be neglecting the body's craving for water and this is something called chronic dehydration. There are a number of people who suffer from dehydration without realizing the same. Here are a few symptoms, which describe dehydration.

People suffering from dehydration may have symptoms such as thirst, dark skin, fatigue, dark colored urine and more. There are also certain symptoms, which are overlooked, and they are constipation, digestive problems, premature aging, cholesterol, urinary tract infections, multiple sclerosis, and auto immune diseases such as chronic fatigue syndrome, weight gain etc. Hence water plays a significant role in protecting the body from diseases.

Role Of Filtered Water In Protecting The Body Against Diseases:

Filtered water is a better choice when it comes to protection from various diseases. There are a number of filters available in the market, and one can choose depending upon the needs.

Granular Carbon And Carbon Block Filters

This commonly used filter is very useful in removing contaminants, adsorption etc. Granular filters are recognized by EPA and are one of the best technologies employed to remove chemicals and other contaminants from water. However, one of the disadvantages of carbon block filters is that sometimes the chemical may escape the purification process.

Reverse Osmosis Filter

Reverse Osmosis filter, in addition, to removing the chlorine, organic and inorganic contaminants in water, can remove 80 per cent of the fluoride present in water. The major drawback of reverse osmosis filters is the cost of installation and the tedious installation procedure. Installation of reverse osmosis filters cannot be done without a technical help.

Ion Exchange Filter

The system of ion exchange filter softens water, and this neutralizes the effect. Ion exchange filter removes dissolved salts like calcium in water. It is usually used in industries and boilers and in purifying units at home.

Strike The Right Balance With Living Water

Choosing the correct type of water is essential as the aim is to obtain the right pH balance. Alkaline water is too alkaline while distilled water is acidic in nature and these two do not strike the right balance when it comes to pH. Hence choose a water system that has the right pH. There are no specific limits to drinking water like six or eight glasses of water a day and intake of water sufficient to turn the color of urine a light yellow is necessary.

The health benefits of water includes maintenance of proper body weight, easy digestion, better blood circulation, detoxification of body naturally, decrease in muscle and joint inflammation and more. Filtered water not only provides pure and clean water but helps one to achieve all these health benefits.