The World Of Compulsory Hoarders

Hoarding generally , is referred to as the supply or an accumulation that is hidden by anyone or which is carefully guarded either for the preservation or for the future use. The person or the entity hoarding anything for a specific purpose is referred to as the “hoarders”. Now, stepping into the world of compulsive hoarders, we found different types of hoardings, some are legal and some are illegal, while some are just for the sake of fondness and habit. The different things and items that are hoarded include silver, some people use to hoard food during shortage or due to the threat of shortage. Some people use to hoard money too, cause being either miser or for the sake of a safe future.

Now, the conservation of the hoarded items for the compulsive hoarders becomes not less than a great challenge. Most of the compulsive hoarders are habitual to live in a tight place with a little space to spare in their respective houses, because of the most of the volume being occupied by their hoarded items and other essential substances and things. Now, if we start imagining and enter the world of the compulsive hoarders in our imagination or even if we visit any hoarder’s place, we would probably encounter a narrow hallway, rather mostly we would find the narrow hallway been made even narrower by all kinds of certain random stuff. The experience would yield out the scenario of unnervingly tall stacks of books and papers. We would be finding cardboard boxes full of mixed knickknacks, at some places would be two hot pink salon hair dryer chairs having some glass domes hovering from their vaulted necks.

Now, stepping towards the bedroom, you would not be able to open the door completely, rather, you would be able to just open it wide enough for you to squeeze inside. And then, you would see mounds of stuff ranging from three to four feet high on the floor, on the bed and on the every available surface. In some corner of the room, there must be a typical heap containing clothes, or a violin case, some sort of record albums maybe a big box of magic markers present somewhere, a trumpet, a framed picture, some dictionaries, perhaps some thesauruses and a pillow would have been located somewhere in the entire room.

In such cases, the house seems not less than a museum room. Though, very awkward, but it is, in the true sense, the world of the compulsive hoarders. They don’t care whether it takes them a whole day to find a needle in their entire house; they are fond of living in the way they want to. The type of hoarded discussed above are the legal ones, while the other type of the hoarders misuses the hoarded items and illegally keeps them, this world of compulsive hoarders which preserves food without any certain cause and creates the shortage in order to wait for the increase in its price and then bring out the hoarded items in the market and sells at a greater rate. This is surely a very bad deed, and they must be punished for this illegal act.